KH Dispatch App for Shopify

Zone Based Local Courier
Shipping Plugin (preloaded for K&H)

KH Dispatch is courier and cartage service in canada. Our shopify plugin KH Dispatch App allows you to use kh dispatch shipping for your store.

The Plugin Documentation

1. Installation

  1. On our app page on shopify, Click Add App button to add app to your store.
  2. Then Next Step, Enter your store URL if you are not already logged into your shopify store.
  3. In the next step please click Install App after reviewing permissions required.
  4. Once you install the app, It will take you to app settings page

    This area has vertical tabs control in left panel. We will go one by one each.

    K&H Geocode Settings

    GeoCode settings form Ask for Shipping Service Name, Code and Google MAP API Key and KML fie to update K&H Zone.

    K&H Shipping Zones

    K&H Shipping Zones provides options to edit shipping zone id, name, zone list

    K&H Weight Conversion section provides options to edit shipping zone id, name, zone list

    K&H Shipping Charges section provides to set shipping price for particular zone for wight range defined in weight conversion section.

  5. After that go to Shopify Settings (left bottom link) and find Shipping and delivery section in left menu. In Shipping From Section click Carrier an app rates tab. Find KH_Dispatch (Rates provided by app) row and click three dots link to edit rates.
  6. Finally, once everything is set, when customer checkout with local canada address, they will get K&H Shipping rates in Shippping method area.